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          Our mission is to gather, grow, and go.

          Enjoy our website!

        • Service Times

          Sunday: 10:45am

          Wednesday: 7:00pm

        • Contact Information

          Office: 209.874.9877

          Address: 150 N. Pasadena Ave Waterford, CA. 95386

          Website: theassemblyag.org

        • Type of Church

          We are an Assembly of God church. You can view information about our type of church denomination at www.ag.org // click the image to go!

        • Senior Pastors Dave and ClaireAnn McGaffee

          Pastor Dave and ClaireAnn have been Assemblies of God ministers for over 20 years. Faithfully serving in the central valley, they are active members in their community.


        • Pastors Andy and Danielle Anglin

          Andy and Danielle are our current Youth and Worship Pastors. They have been faithfully serving the local church for over 10 years. They have 2 children Forest and Ariel.


        • Fundamental Core Beliefs


          Baptism in the Holy Spirit

          Divine Healing

          Second Coming of Christ

        • Fundamentals

          The Ordinances of the Church

          The Scriptures are Inspired

          The Fall of Man

          The Deity of Jesus Christ

        • Fundamentals

          The One True God

          The Final Judgment


          The Church and its Mission

        • Fundamentals

          Evidence of Holy Spirit Baptism

          The Ministry

          The New Heaven and Earth

          The Blessed Hope

        • Recent Sermons

          Enjoy our sermons posted from Facebook, and streamed live every Sunday!

        • Our Major Events of the Year


          4th of July

          Friend Day


        • We do ministry through teams!

          Inspired by 24 to Double, we have established ministry teams to effectively help in every area possible.

        • Team 1: Outreach

          We reach out to help everyone possible.

        • Team 2: WoW

          We want your experience at our church location to be the best it can be.

        • Team 3: Shock and Awe

          We care about our facilities, technology and the arts.

        • Team 4: Worship

          We value the ministry of song to lead people into God’s presence.

        • Team 5: Care

          We care. Plain and simple.

        • Team 6: Children

          We value establishing safe areas for our children to grow!

        • Team 7: Small Groups

          Here we split into groups which meet from house to house together.

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150 N. Pasadena Ave. Waterford, CA. 95386 | Service: Sunday 10:45am | Office: 209.874.9877



Reaching out to the hurting in our community and around the world


Representing Christ the best we can, to make your experience better

shock & awe

We care about technology, arts, and our facilities


Leading people into the presence of God through music


Caring for all believers and attenders of our church


A safe and fun place for our kids to grow in Christ

small groups

Life is better together when we connect at home and at church

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